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Oh wow, my own blog, how exciting! Where do I start?
Well, my name is Ginnie and I will be posting regular blogs and updates about the beautiful country of Wales. This will include everything from reviews to inspirational travel ideas. Please feel free to comment get involved with the blog on social media.

What A Super Saturday!

Well, what a super Saturday of rugby! It sounds like something out of a reality TV show but watching the last 3 matches was a true (and please don’t cringe) ‘rollercoaster of emotions’. If for any reason you missed the heart-stopping excitement let me briefly sum it up for you.


News to (mostly) make you smile

I must admit that I didn’t spend much time keeping up with the news when I was on holiday, but when I came back to the reality of everyday life I thought I had better take a quick look. The main headlines are never particularly joyful, and often these days downright scary, but there were a couple of stories of a lighter and far more positive nature.