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Oh wow, my own blog, how exciting! Where do I start?
Well, my name is Ginnie and I will be posting regular blogs and updates about the beautiful country of Wales. This will include everything from reviews to inspirational travel ideas. Please feel free to comment get involved with the blog on social media.

Happy Birthday to the Snowdonia National Park

The Snowdonia National Park was established 63 years ago today, and aren't we so pleased that it was! This week the town of Llanberis at the foot of Snowdon played host to an outdoor tourism conference which served as a great reminder of what a fantastic place the National Park is for all different kind of holidays - so whether your idea of a fun strenuous activity is mountain climbing or shopping do read on.


Loving Seaside Holidays!

The summer holidays are over but the lovely weather continues and now is a great time to sit outside in the still settled evenings and plan next year’s holiday! If a holiday for you is relaxing yet with the option of easily organised trips giving the kids a great time then you can’t go wrong with a traditional seaside holiday. Obviously I may be just a tad biased, but here in Wales we have nearly 900 miles of glorious coastline and so there really is a patch of coast to suit everybody!


NATO Conference and the National Botanic Garden of Wales

The NATO conference in South Wales has shone a spotlight on our beautiful country this week and has highlighted what a fantastic destination we are. Although the Welsh news has been dominated by coverage of the summit there has been other good news for one of our main attractions with The National Botanic Garden of Wales being granted an injection of funds to help develop and ambitious new project!


Green Energy

Green Energy – a vast subject and potentially a contentious one! Whatever side of the debate you are on it is difficult to deny the overwhelming scientific evidence that fossil fuels are not going to last for ever. There seems to be a pressing a need to develop effective, yet environmentally friendly, methods of creating energy.


Beaches at Borth and Ynyslas

One of the things we enjoy doing most as a family is spending the day in Borth and Ynyslas, on the Mid Wales coast. My little one just loves running along the promenade and skimming stones (or at least trying to!) at Borth and then making the short drive to the dunes and huge sandy beach at Ynyslas.


Hay on Wye

Wales does draw many people in and I was delighted when my oldest friend also made a permanent move to this wonderful country. We met when we were seven years old and haven’t been able to get away from each other since!

With busy lives, and living about a 3 hour drive apart, we don’t always get the opportunity to meet up as often as we would like but a few weeks ago we spent a glorious day in Hay on Wye. I must say that book or antique enthusiasts could spends days (and a lot of money if so inclined!) in this picturesque town.


The Welsh Language

The Welsh language is beautiful, whether spoken in the rounded lilt of the south or the more staccato rhythm of the north, and I had every intention of learning to speak it as soon as I could after my move to Wales. I had visions of me speaking fluently to my new Welsh friends within months. I had the tapes (showing my age here!) and accompanying books but unfortunately things didn’t go quite as planned and I am still working on it!