Number One Wales Experience when you visit Cardiff and South Wales Castles

Published: Sunday 15th Sep 2013

Written by: The Wales Cottage Holidays Team

Stay in Wales Holidays self-catering cottages in the Cardiff or Abergavenny area to explore the many castles of South Wales, or head west to the beautiful Welsh castles of Carmarthenshire, and mighty Pembroke.

There are hundreds of castles in Wales, some isolated and in the most beautiful locations, some right at the heart of a town. The castles of Wales tell of our turbulent history and captivate the hearts of many Wales Holidays visitors each year. Wales is known as the Land of Castles, and rightly so as there still remain some 200 to view, ranging from earthwork castles, through medieval castles and castles of the Welsh princes, the formidable castles of Edward I and later castles up to C19th. Pick 10th, 13th or 18th century, Norman, Welsh, restored or ruined. Fascinating Cardigan Castle, for example, dates back to its motte and bailey origins in the C11th. Read a little about these historic buildings and check out which cottages are well-placed for visiting them.

The Wales Cottage Holidays Team
The Wales Cottage Holidays Team



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