Wales Shellfish is on the Up

Published: Thursday 26th Sep 2013

Written by: The Wales Cottage Holidays Team

Wales Holidays self-catering visitors to Pembrokeshire, the Lleyn Peninsula, South and West Wales cottages are enjoying more and more fruits from the sea.

For more than a century, Wales' shellfish industry was in decline but in the last three years, the British Shellfish Association has reported a 10% growth. An oyster bed in Swansea not used since the 1920s is to be repopulated, and products on offer from Wales are much more varied. The taste for shellfish has become more popular and more diverse, ranging from prawns off Pembrokeshire to Great Orme lobster. Sales of mussels grown in the Menai Strait and off Conwy now outnumber the cockles harvested by almost two-to-one.

Wales has always had fantastic conditions for all sorts of shellfish with gentle coves, shallow estuaries, big tidal ranges and a good flow of water from the Irish Sea, Atlantic and Bristol Channel. Traditionally, people only seemed to want cockles and mussels but with environmental concerns about locally-sourced products, the taste has gone away from farmed shellfish and over-fished cod and other white fish.

So next time you take a Wales Holiday, make sure you sample some of the excellent and plentiful quality shellfish on offer.

The Wales Cottage Holidays Team
The Wales Cottage Holidays Team



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