Santes Dwynwen

Published: Friday 3rd Jan 2014

Written by: The Wales Cottage Holidays Team

If you need another excuse to treat your loved one, don’t wait until February but come to Wales to celebrate Santes Dwynwen Day on 25 January 2014!

Santes Dwynwen is the Welsh patron saint of love. Her story goes that she was forbidden by her father to marry her sweetheart Maelon and fled to the woods, where she begged God to make her forget him. Dwynwen was visited by an angel, carrying a potion designed to erase all memory of Maelon and turn him into a block of ice. God then granted her three wishes, so she wished that Maelon be thawed, that God meet the hopes and dreams of true lovers and that she should never marry. All three were fulfilled and as a mark of her thanks, Dwynwen devoted herself to God's service for the rest of her life, becoming a nun. She travelled to Anglesey to build a church at Llanddwyn (literally the "Church of Dwynwen").

Remains of Dwynwen's church can still be seen on Llanddwyn island, a stunning location off the south coast of Anglesey. You’ll also find Dwynwen's well where a sacred fish swims, said to predict couples’ future fortunes. Visitors to the well believe that if the water boils while they are present, then love and good luck will follow! So instead of waiting for St Valentine’s Day in February, bring your loved one away to a romantic cottage to celebrate Santes Dwynwen Day – it only happens in Wales!

The Wales Cottage Holidays Team
The Wales Cottage Holidays Team



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