Time for a sneaky Christmas getaway?

Published: Thursday 11th Dec 2014

Written by: Ginnie James

These days it feels like we are bombarded with Christmas from as soon as the kids go back to school in September and with all the Black Friday shenanigans the shine seems to have dulled on the festive season for me this year. It doesn’t help that I am rather disorganised and can feel the stress starting to build.

What I really need to do is just relax and think about the Christmas my family wants and not worry about what everyone else thinks I should be doing. I would love to go away for a few days, the four of us, and spend time together talking, walking, maybe discovering a new favourite place and making memories. When I am booking people in for their Christmas holiday breaks I do feel a bit jealous Next year I am determined to make this happen for us.

Now, I don’t want to sound like a Grinch. I love Christmas and the traditions so important to me – lighting the advent candles at Church as the countdown begins, nativity services, endeavouring to buy gifts that will be appreciated by loved ones. It’s so easy though to get lost in the over-excessiveness that seems to have taken over and going back to basics can seem a very scary idea. I love the John Grisham novel ‘Skipping Christmas’ (made into the film Christmas with the Kranks – not nearly as good as the book in my opinion) and whereas I would never want to disregard Christmas entirely the book does bring home the weight of silly expectations we put on ourselves and that sometimes we need to take a step back and figure out what really matters.

When you stop and think though, what could be better than just you and your closest family or friends spending a long weekend, away from the pressures of the many Christmas parties, nights out, manic card writing and all that food.

If you want to, you can get away from Christmas all together – there is not much opportunity for Christmas shopping in an isolated country cottage half way up a mountain! – and enjoy the crisp wintry landscape, clean air and maybe even some pristine snow.

Of course, such drastic measures may not be for you, or me if I’m honest at this time of year, but a cosy cottage a little bit out of the way where you can unwind and recharge sounds just the ticket to me. Curl up and read the book you have been waiting to get to or cwtch up with your favourite person in front of a cosy fire. We do still have some lovely cottages left for the days leading up to Christmas, the holidays themselves, or even into January if you need some time to recovery from the festivities.

What Christmas traditions are dear to you and which ones could you quite easily never want to be involved with again? Whatever you do, take deep breaths, stay calm and I hope you enjoy yourself!

Ginnie James
Ginnie James



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