Holidays are here again!

Published: Friday 24th Jul 2015

Written by: Ginnie James

So the summer holidays are upon us and I am sure that there are many of us for whom the big question looms – what are we going to do to keep the young ones occupied for six weeks??

I would love to be one of those mums who have a well thought out schedule which include special days out, picnics in the park and craft projects. It’s not that we won’t do things, and I am fairly confident that lots of fun will be had, but it will be in a rather more haphazard manner than might be the ideal! There are of course loads of things we could do as a family that wouldn’t involve having to book in advance or be a strain on the finances and a ramble up to some castle ruins, or through a wood to a waterfall and then sit and relax and enjoy a few (probably unhealthy) snacks while looking out upon awesome views.

A lot of my most treasured childhood memories focus on times simply spent together as a family, but looking back with a new perspective as a mother, my mum and dad must have put in loads of effort to create some of the great days out I remember. One new place, due to open in a weeks’ time, that I think will become a central hub for wonderful days out is Surf Snowdonia. When I first heard about the idea of creating an artificial surfing lagoon inland from Conwy I thought it was quite a cool idea but didn’t think it would be somewhere I would be visiting anytime soon.

However as I read more about what the team have developed on the site I really want to go. Not so much for the surfing for me but lessons are available for children from the age of 5 and to have a go at surfing, and then a romp in the soft play area, might make up for the apparent sheer disappointment my little one apparently feels at having no swimming lessons again until September. It’s not just all about surfing either; real thought has been put into what’s on offer.

On the lagoon there is kayaking and stand up paddle boarding with early morning open water swims also in development. The Crash and Splash lagoon with its watery assault course sounds a great laugh and whoever originally came up with the idea of The Blob… well….. picture this, you settle yourself comfortably on a particular spot on a 10 metre wide by 4 metre air-filled rubber tube, your friend then takes up a position on the 4.5 metre tower behind and jumps. You get catapulted into the air, with maybe even enough time to try a few somersaults before landing in the water. Sounds fun?

I would happily be the jumper, but flying through the air I’m not so sure. Maybe I would be brave enough, would you? Sounds like an interesting thing to be writing about in the holiday diary for school at any rate (oh, the pressure!) and certainly something to look forward to. I would love to hear from you with more ideas for days out in Wales or other tips to keep 5 year olds who love school entertained for hours on end!

Ginnie James
Ginnie James



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