Time to make some Christmas Memories

Published: Wednesday 16th Dec 2015

Written by: Ginnie James

What Christmas traditions are the most important to you and your family? I was thinking today of how my traditions have changed as I have grown older, moved away from where I grew up and now have a family of my own. I did enjoy being able to go to the midnight service but now the Christmas day toy service is just as special and creating lots of fond memories – roller skating down the aisle being a classic from last year!

Cultural traditions do change as well over time and often disappear from the consciousness of the general populace. I wrote a blog this time last year on a few of the older Welsh Christmas traditions and you can read it here. Some are being revived or echoes of older customs seen in what we do today, but there are always some ideas you are happy to see fall by the wayside!

The tradition of taffy making might be one I will be tempted to try this year and being a sucker for old recipe books I may even attempt using a Mrs Beeton classic (although I don’t have a lovely brass pan and we will be using the gas hob and not a fire in the range!) Seems fairly simple but we will see:

1 1b of sugar, 1 teacupful of water, ¼ 1b of butter and 6 drops of lemon essence

Cream the butter while the water and sugar are heating together in the pan. Once the sugar is dissolved, add the butter and keep stirring until the mixture thickens and just before you think it is done add the lemon. Line a dish, pour in the mixture, wait to cool and that’s it!

Another of Mrs Beeton’s suggestions is to use brown sugar, hardly any water and flavour with a bit of ginger to create butter-scotch. A fantastic remedy for sore throats apparently – sounds good to me.

Will my daughter get fed up of me reminiscing of the lovely relaxed Christmas Day evenings watching the Strictly Special and Doctor Who and which traditions will she remember with pleasure and recreate when she has a family of her own?

Whatever your plans are for this festive season I hope that you and your loved ones have a fantastic Christmas!


Ginnie James
Ginnie James



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