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Published: Friday 8th Apr 2016

Written by: Ginnie James

It’s been ages since my last blog but I have a great reason, honestly. We’ve been really busy in the office getting everything in place for the incorporation of a new range of properties onto our books – let’s all give a warm welcome to Flagship Holiday Homes!

The news was welcomed by us all here in Wales Cottage Holidays with great excitement. We love getting new properties and we relished the challenge of ensuring all systems and information were updated and in place. This was also a fantastic opportunity to get to know the 52 properties located on the Isle of Anglesey and across North Wales to the borders; and what a wonderful selection of cottages they are.

Flagship Holiday Homes had built up a portfolio of luxury and boutique cottages that all offer that little (or a lot!) something extra special for your self-catering holiday. From hot tubs to a rotating woodburner to country plies 100s of years old and to top it all off furnished with style & panache, you really should take a look, and maybe experience a little (or a lot of!) house envy like we did.

Quality is the watchword for all these properties and whether your preferred style is sleek and modern, historical with antiques, or country life cosy I bet you will find properties that you love. Coupled with locations in the most beautiful areas of Wales you really can’t go wrong!

All the properties are worth talking about and it is tricky to choose just a few so why don’t you browse our new Flagship Holiday Homes site and decide on what your favourite would be? We have put together some Flagship Collections to make your search a little bit easier, so if you know you want a large property for a family get together or you fancy whipping up a feast and need an Aga or range cooker in your holiday cottage we have a list for you. Any questions you have, please do contact us.

While we’re taking about contacting us, another exciting recent development is the introduction of Live Chat to our website, so when our office is open you should be able to talk to one of us instantly. It’s been going for a couple of weeks or so now and the feedback has been very encouraging, particularly with our fast response times and the personal touch of being able to faces to names and voices.

This may all sound a bit over the top and with a little too much hyperbole so I will stop rabbiting on but trust me, the properties are simply wonderful and we are proud to be able to offer them to you!


Ginnie James
Ginnie James



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