The New Year’s Day Saundersfoot Swim 2018

Published: Thursday 4th Jan 2018

Written by: Kate Pierce

What a way to spend New Year’s Day, usually I find it a bit of an anti-climax, but not this year!

Last July I was tricked into signing up for the swim by Martyn Williams, one of the local organisers (apparently awarded a knighthood for his general trickery, or might have been something else, not sure). 

I have to say, as the day loomed, I was slightly nervous, not only due to the idea of freezing cold sea but also, the lengthy jog down to the water (about 4 miles, give or take), but mainly as I had not a clue as to how it all worked. Where do I stand, what do I do, what am I mean to wear, is a wet suit cheating?! Thank goodness, I had my almost 13 year old daughter (Freya) participating too, also nervous though and so nerves manifested into general teenager hate directed at me and husband. So, as all good parents do, I dampened down the general negativity by rewarding with promises of cash, too much cash.

The weather prior was horrid with rain and gales but New Year’s Day arrived with a beautiful blue sky, slight breeze and quite warm in the sun. By 11.30am, things were getting busy, people were lining the harbour walls. The beach by now was teeming with over 2,000 lobsters, jelly fish and Peaky Blinders all dancing to Queen, YMCA and other music which Freya had never heard of before. 

12.30pm, the klaxon rang, fireworks showered the sky, so off we went, trotting towards the water – no choice now, plus I was 40 quid down. Freya and I actually had so much fun, it didn’t seem that cold either and now we’re signed up for next year.

Plus we raised £350 for Motor Neurone Disease, a particularly nasty disease which my dear mum died from when Freya was just 1 ½ .    

All in all, a fantastic event, a real credit to the organisers and the wider community of Saundersfoot (and my husband, for donning the swim T-shirt and doing us proud with photography). 

So, who’s up for joining Freya and I in 2019 and what shall we dress up as??

Kate Pierce



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