Is Holiday Letting for you?

So, you are the proud owners of a lovely Welsh property. What next?

Is this a business investment?

  • Holiday rental is a great way of getting a good return on your investment whilst still being able to gain regular access for maintenance and improvements. We will manage many of the administrative and financial aspects for you.

Thinking of changing from a long let?

  • You can be stuck with a difficult tenant, have long breaks between tenants, your property may not be cared for properly, and it can be difficult getting access for maintenance and improvement. Holiday letting is often a much more pleasurable and financially rewarding option.

Do you use the property yourselves but would like it to make some additional income?

  • Maybe the property has been passed down the family, or perhaps you have bought it in an area you like to visit yourselves. Either way we have very few restrictions on owners using the cottage for themselves.

Working with Wales Cottage Holidays takes the hassle out of holiday home ownership for you.