Oswestry Cottages

Oswestry is the third largest town in Shropshire with a population of around 17,000; situated some 5 miles from the border with Wales, it has a mixed Welsh and English heritage. This vibrant market town sits between the patchwork plains of Shropshire and the hill country that is Wales.

Since The Middle Ages Oswestry has been a magnet for trade from both sides of the border. From wool to cattle, the markets have brought riches and visitors to this busy town. The town has many Welsh language street and place names.

The town changed hands between the English and the Welsh a number of times during the Middle Ages. In 1149 the castle was captured by and remained in Welsh hands until 1157. Later, Oswestry was attacked by the forces of Welsh rebel leader Owain Glyndwr during the early years of his rebellion in 1400.

The Cambrian Heritage Railways operate a 1200 metre section of the former line from Llynclys South and short section of line is also in operation at Oswestry where there is a railway museum with a huge collection of artifacts brought together over many years to tell the story of the Cambrian Railways.

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