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Size of Wales / Maint Cymru

Wales is an area of 2 million hectares. Put another way – 2 million rugby pitches! That may not seem all that big when you consider 13 million hectares of forest are lost every year. However, helping to protect an area the same size as our nation is an important achievement and a call to everyone to help. Size of Wales is setting a benchmark; to plant, protect and maintain an area TWICE the size of Wales and with your help, we’re sure to do it!

After a long history of deforestation in Wales, we are now gradually increasing our forest cover and protecting our existing woodland. However, from both a climate change and poverty reduction perspective, it is the destruction of forests in the tropics which truly threaten the world’s climate, as well as the basic needs of food, shelter, and livelihoods for people living there. Size of Wales works with forest projects in South America, Africa, and Asia to help conserve existing tropical forests and support the sustainable management of forests. For every £1 you donate, three trees can be planted, meaning we can really help reach the target to protect and maintain an area TWICE the size of Wales.